Category: Exhibition design
Status: Built
Place: Bari [I]
Year: 2021
Project: V.P. Bagnato
P.A. De Nicolo
With: (dp)a studio (Domenico Pastore)
Collaborators: -
Structures: -
Systems: -
Geology: -
Agronomy: -
Interiors: bdfarchitetti
(dp)a studio (Domenico Pastore)
Supervisor: V.P. Bagnato
Client: Municipality of Bari
Dimension: 370 s.m.
Cost: € 20.000,00
Photographer: Francesco Colella
The arrangement of the Moderno Desiderio exhibition is based on the idea of inserting, within the rational but complex spatiality of the building of the Margherita, two simple and essential elements, a "cross" and a "line", understood as "objects in the object”, actors morphologically and chromatically recognizable on the stage of the Theater but perfectly integrated with its architectural elements in the visual correspondences and proportions. In plan view, the two display elements assume an essential, almost Suprematist formal dimension, while in elevation they claim a more sculptural character, according to a dual condition that reinterprets the tension between abstraction and figuration intrinsically characteristic of the historical-architectural and urban identity of consolidated Bari.
Pubblications:Molinari L., Frontino M.,