Category: Rehabilitations
Status: Built
Place: Santa Maria di Leuca, Lecce [I]
Year: 2018
Project: V.P. Bagnato
P.A. De Nicolo
V. Zaza
Collaborators: A. Palmieri
Structures: G. Nitti
Systems: G. Lobascio
Geology: -
Agronomy: -
Interiors: bdfarchitetti
Supervisor: V.P. Bagnato
Client: Comune di Castrignano del Capo
Dimension: 397 s.m.
garden [933 s.m.]
Cost: € 627.059,02
Photographer: -
The Civic Museum of White Coral is a transformation of a building from the beginning of the last century, originally used as a school, in a public museum dedicated to the sea. The project consists in the re-functionalization of the building which, in substantial respect of the original structure, is equipped with exhibition halls and didactic-multimedia classrooms, a reception, a bookshop-café and toilets. Outside, a large, completely redesigned garden hosts conference areas, socio-cultural, educational and informative events. The materials used are Cursi stone (in polished slabs for internal floors and coverings, in bush-hammered slabs for external floors), concrete slabs (for outdoor floors in areas where it is expected to be more stationary), white plaster (for all internal and external walls), maple wood (for the interior fittings).