Category: Public spaces
Status: Built
Place: Bari [I]
Year: 2007-2010
Project: V.P. Bagnato
P.A. De Nicolo
With: Arriola&Fiol Arq.
M. Fiore
N. Martinelli
Collaborators: S. Micunco
A. Pellegrini
Structures: F. Surace
Systems: R. Rana
Geology: D. Di Carne
Agronomy: A. Bernardoni
Interiors: -
Supervisor: M. Fiore
Client: Comune di Bari
Dimension: 2.200 s.m.
Cost: € 200.000,00
Photographer: Michele Cera
The garden is located in the district of San Girolamo, on the northern coast of Bari, and it stands between its main crossing axis (San Girolamo street) and Nicola Costa street. The project transforms a rough land into an open public space made of an “Apricena” stone surface with five big rectangular green basins on it, parallels and staggered one to each other, oriented like the opposite sporting area, that is ideally connected to them. The staggering produces an articulation of roads and small squares that increases the enjoyable spaces. The big basins are like strips of land that rise up from the horizontal and create, in their highest part, a concrete wall with an articulated section that becomes a bench system. The small squares appear alternatively at the internal part of the garden and along the street, in order to dissolve the limits with the surrounding space.
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Selected in “GiArch – Progetti di Giovani Architetti Italiani”;
Selected in “Ventisettetrentasette – Rassegna Internazionale di Giovani Architetti Italiani”.
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