Category: Interiors
Status: Built
Place: Bari [I]
Year: 2008-2010
Project: V.P. Bagnato
P.A. De Nicolo
With: M. Fiore
Collaborators: A. Le Henaff
Structures: N. Fiore
Systems: S. Bagnato
Geology: -
Agronomy: -
Interiors: -
Supervisor: P.A. De Nicolo
Client: Private
Dimension: 230 s.m.
Cost: € 200.000,00
Photographer: bdfarchitetti archive
The house develops between the ground floor and the first floor of the Dragone Building, a construction built at the beginnings of the twentieth century, located near the railway in the extramural expansion area of Bari. The ground floor is a double room covered with cross vaults, connected to an open patio through two consecutive spaces, one containing services, one containing the kitchen. The need to connect the two levels, designing the living area at the ground floor and the sleeping area at the first floor, is resolved with the construction of a big staircase that is like a barycentre for the entire space of the house. The structure is made of two independent parts, with two ramps each: the first is a concrete monolithic block leaned on the floor, articulated as to become an appendix to the living room; the other, made of steel, is hanging from the top. Between the two parts, a middle level cuts the cross vaults space of the living room.
Casaidea 2011, Roma, 12-20/03/2011