Category: Public spaces
Status: Built
Place: Bari [I]
Year: 2007-2009
Project: V.P. Bagnato
P.A. De Nicolo
With: Arriola&Fiol Arq.
M. Fiore
Collaborators: M. Campanale
F. Preziosa
Structures: -
Systems: S. Bagnato
Geology: -
Agronomy: -
Interiors: -
Supervisor: V.P. Bagnato
Client: Comune di Bari
Dimension: 2.325 s.m.
Cost: € 292.472,31
Photographer: bdfarchitetti archive
The square is located at the entrance of the old town of Ceglie del Campo, in the southern suburbs of Bari, and is characterized by a homogeneous residential nineteenth-century tissue, relieved by the late baroque Church of Santa Maria del Campo, by the old Town Hall building and by the Medieval Castle. The projects is based on the design of a new flooring whose image comes from the typical old town streets, where calcareous and lava stones alternate according to a rule that is just apparently aleatory. The lava stones, starting from the church square, occupy the central part of the space, and gradually change into the calcareous stones when they come near the buildings. The design matrix is a grid of rectangular stone elements that go in parallel with the main street that leads to the square (Municipio street).